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  • chevron_rightWhy don’t we have a pool?
    The primary reasons are:
    • The original developer of this subdivision did not construct a pool; and
    • The HOA does not own property on which a pool could be built.
  • chevron_rightHas our community considered building a pool?
    While a pool has been discussed at HOA meetings periodically throughout the years, the topic has quickly been put to rest due to the complexity and cost.
  • chevron_rightWhat would be required to build a pool?
    To build a pool we would need:
    • A land owner adjacent to our subdivision who is willing to sell land to us;
    • A special assessment (special one-time dues payment) for all homeowners to purchase land and finance the pool; and
    • A vote of ¾ of the members approving the purchase of land, the construction of a pool, and the funding to do so.
  • chevron_rightHow would a pool impact our neighborhood?
    If we were to build a pool it would have a significant impact on the operation and expenses of our neighborhood, in that we would have to:
    • Increase our liability insurance coverage to deal with the risks of injury or death at the pool;
    • Increase the scope of the contract with the management company to include operating a pool;
    • Recruit, hire, and pay lifeguards;
    • Pay for maintenance and upkeep of the pool and the adjacent parking lot.
  • chevron_rightWhat is the difference between this website and the TownSquare site?
    This website (www.walshtrails.org) is managed by the homeowner's association, whereas TownSquare belongs to Goodwin Management. This site exists because:
    • It has features that are not available to us on TownSquare, and
    • If Walsh Trails changes management companies in the future, we will lose access to TownSquare.  The HOA Board felt it was important to have an interenet presence that is controlled by the neighborhood.
  • chevron_rightWhen are our assessments (dues) paid?
    HOA dues are usually invoiced in December with a due date of March 1st.  You receive an invoice in the mail and can pay online through the Goodwin Management website.
  • chevron_rightDo we have a neighborhood garage sale? If so, when?
    We typically have a neighborhood garage sale twice per year, once in the fall and once in the spring.  We try to align our garage sale event with our neighbors at the Ranch of Brushy Creek with the thought that combining our events will lead to better traffic for everyone.
    Once garage sales are scheduled, the dates are posted in the neighborhood events section, found on the Home page of this website.
  • chevron_rightCan we get the police to make people drive slower in the neighborhood?
    This topic comes up frequently, especially for those located on Walsh Hill Trail.  In the past we have asked the Cedar Park Police to visit with us about speeding.  They indicate that while there are certainly isolated incidents of people driving unreasonably fast, based on data from traffic stops and citations, our neighborhood is no worse than the average neighborhood in Cedar Park.  
    The HOA and the police department try to reduce speeding in our subdivision by doing the following:
    • A few times per year the HOA asks the Cedar Park Police to come out and monitor the neighborhood and write tickets during rush hour.
    • Periodically the HOA asks the police to bring in a radar trailer and set it up on Walsh Hill Trail.  The trailer measures people's speed and shows them how fast they are going, with an emphasis on those driving over the speed limit.
  • chevron_rightCan we install speed bumps to help reduce speed in the neighborhood?
    No.  Neighbors have proposed the idea of speed bumps or "road humps" to force cars to slow down, this idea was rejected because:
    • The City of Cedar Park owns the streets.  They have final say regarding what traffic control measures are taken.  The HOA cannot act on its own.
    • Walsh Hill Trail is a designated path for emergency vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances.  Speed bumps are not allowed.
    • Even if it were up to us, the majority of the neighbors in attendance at meetings have indicated that they do not support the installation of speed bumps.
  • chevron_rightDo we have a neighborhood watch group?
    No.  We have discussed the possibility at previous HOA meetings, but the community decided against it due to a lack of interest. 
  • chevron_rightCan the HOA install cameras to monitor the community?
    While it is technically possible to do so, the HOA has discussed and rejected this idea for several reasons, including:
    • The HOA does not own property in locations that would support monitoring throughout the neighborhood.
    • There are countless privacy concerns.
    • Monitoring services come with logistical questions, such as, who has a right to access the footage?  Can any homeowner request footage at any time and for any reason?  How long is the footage stored?  
  • chevron_rightWho owns the tunnel?
    We believe it is owned by Williamson County.  The HOA has been unable to find anyone in the City of Cedar Park or in Williamson County government who is willing or able to provide any information about the tunnel. Neither organization is interested in making changes to the tunnel.
  • chevron_rightIt is very slippery. Can something be done?
    Since the HOA does not own the tunnel we are limited in the actions we can take. Still, we have tried many things to improve the safety, including:
    • Posting multiple signs warning that the area may be slippery.
    • Having the sidewalk outside the tunnel regularly pressure washed.
    • Scoring the concrete to improve traction.
    Unfortunately, we've not found a permanent solution to eliminate the slippery conditions that appear from time to time.  Our best advice is to heed the warning signs and BE CAREFUL.
  • chevron_rightThere seems to be a leak that makes water pool near the tunnel.
    Nothing manmade is leaking.  There are numerous underground springs in the area, many of which are located near the entrance to the tunnel.  Periodically, water leaks from these underground springs and runs down the hill next to the tunnel.  Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to stop this.